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BISCITT Conflict Coach & Inspirational Training

conflict coach & inspirational training

Helping YOU, (future) leader, to increase your productivity & peace of mind by dealing better with every day conflicts.

Conflicts are chances to GROW, but only if they are handled correctly! BISCCIT will teach you, your team, your family, your students or your co-workers the skills to work your way through any conflict and emerge stronger on the other side. BISCCIT also provides one-on-one coaching and training when you need advice about a conflict situation, when you wish to break a pattern of similar conflicts that keep happening or when you wish to add conflict management skills to your professional toolbox. (As any manager should). Last but not least BISCCIT intermediates between parties in conflict (personal or professional) and helps them find solutions, so they can move forward.

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Expert Advice For Your Specific Situation

Managing conflicts is a serious business. There are large interests at stake: Feelings, money and reputations, to name but a few. Let me explain why you can trust me to give you or your team, family or co-workers expert advice on this subject.


Customized for you

(in Dutch, English and Papiamentu)

Everyone’s situation is different, but conflicts are everywhere. Will you let yourself be taken by surprise or will you make sure you are prepared to turn a negative into a positive?


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My Clients

What clients Say About BISCCIT

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Healthcare worker
I was tired of the fights between me, my kids and my (ex)partner. Since I started the coaching sessions I find it easier to balance my interests with those of my family, and to work out ways which help us all move forward.

I have worked with individuals, couples, families, teams and co-workers. My multicultural background and multidisiclipinary career allow me to adapt my approach to every situation. But one thing remains the same: Every client has told me that the techniques we use are an unexpected eye-opener, and that they successfully continue to use them in both their professional and personal life. Once you learn these skills they become part of your personality, making the value of a training-, coaching- or mediation session last a LIFETIME.


Children’s Coach
Before my coaching sessions my sister and I were focusing more on our differences than on the (many) things we have in common. It has become clear to us that we basically want the same things, but we just have very different ways of getting there and that is okay, as long as we talk about it.


Judicial Officer
The conflict coach helped with a professional complaint against me. It turned out the other party and I had both been trying to protect the same interest, but in completely different ways. Not only was the complaint withdrawn, but we as participants felt renewed respect for each other.


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