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Based on years of experience in different problem-solving fields. 

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All my trainings are developed inhouse and then tailored to your specific needs and goals. No generalized talks, I teach from personal experience about skills I know will work in real life.

bisccit - about
bisccit - about

Who i am

The Conflict Coach

I am the product of two cultures (Latin/European) and have lived and worked in different professions in The Netherlands, England, Greece and the Caribbean. Helping people find solutions when they are stuck as well as connecting different points of view has always been a part of my work and life. I started off studying Psychology but switched to Law after one year, because it gave me more options for practical problem solving. During my 25 years as a lawyer however, I realized you need to attend to emotions as well as facts in order to solve conflicts. My training and experience as a Mediator/Conflict Coach brings it all together.


Worked in Hospitality Management (part business owner): 8 yrs experience

Graduated Law School (University, Amsterdam): 25 yrs experience

ADR registered and certified Mediator/Conflict Coach: 10 yrs experience

Free lance trainer and Guest lecturer (a.o. University of Curacao, Mediation and Hospitality Law): 8 yrs experience