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Healthcare worker
I was tired of the fights between me, my kids and my (ex)partner. Since I started the coaching sessions I find it easier to balance my interests with those of my family, and to work out ways which help us all move forward.


With the help of the conflict coach we avoided a nasty Court Case. We found a solution that protected our reputation and made a dissatisfied customer a happy customer again.


You did not judge me, but you did ask the hard questions that made me think, which helped me come to my own conclusions and decisions.


Program Director of International Hospitality & Tourism Management studies, UoC
In Hospitality you are likely to encounter conflicts with employees, guests and providers. Being able to deal with these conflicts in a positive way protects your business and your reputation.


Children’s Coach
Before my coaching sessions my sister and I were focusing more on our differences than on the (many) things we have in common. It has become clear to us that we basically want the same things, but we just have very different ways of getting there and that is okay, as long as we talk about it.


Naval officer
Because of the conflict coach, the relationship with my (adult) children, who had not spoken to me for 2 years, has been restored.


legal counsel
I did the Conflict Management Training to improve my Leadership skill set, but I find it helps me in all kinds of private situations as well.


The Lime Tree
BIS has been a member of our training pool for 5 years and has participated in every training we have given in the region in that period. The feed back we get from the participants is always positive. She has an enthusiastic training style and a knack for linking complicated theory to everyday situations.


Judicial Officer
The conflict coach helped with a professional complaint against me. It turned out the other party and I had both been trying to protect the same interest, but in completely different ways. Not only was the complaint withdrawn, but we as participants felt renewed respect for each other.

A.F, N.B, S.R, R.H., M.M., H.T.

Court of Justice
Our employer invested in the training GROW because the atmosphere in our department influenced the quality of our work. Once we opened up in the sessions, we understood each other so much better. Our happiness and productivity have improved 100%.


Program Director of BHRM (Bachelor in HRM)
Labor Conflict Coaching skills make our HRM-students better professionals that are of added value to their future employers.


SRA Caribbean
Conflict Management Skills are an important added value for the clients I train in Compliance, Confidentiality and Fraud Detection. When I ask BIS to participate in my training I know the quality is of the high level I guarantee my clients.
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